All European Poker Award Winners 2001 – 2015

All the Awards winners at the European Poker Awards since 2001

Roberto RomannelloUK Player of the Year2012
George DanzerPoker's Best Ambassador2014
Jesse MayMedia Content of the Year2015
Gus HansenLifetime Archievement Award2012
Lucille CaillyLeading Lady of the Year Award2012
Bertrand "ElkY" GrospellierFrench Player of the Year2012
Fedor HolzGPI Player of the Year2015
Liv BoereeGPI Female Player of the Year2015
Remko RinkemaMedia Person of the Year2015
Hermance BlumIndustry Person of the Year2015
Dzmitry UrbanovichBreakout Player of the Year2015
Adrian Mateos DiazTournament Performance of the Year2015
Norwegian Championships Norway CupEvent of the Year (Buy-in up to € 2000)2015
EPT Barcelona Main EventEvent of the Year (Buy-in over € 2000)2015
Norwegian Championship broadcastPoker Innovation or Initiative of the Year2015
John Gale returns from three years offMoment of the Year2015
Devilfish: A Friend with a Heart of GoldMedia Content of the Year2015
Barny BoatmanLifetime Achievement Award2013
Neil StoddartJury Award2015
Adrian Mateos DiazRookie of the Year2013
Roger HairabedianPoker Personality of the Year2013
Philipp GruissemTournament Performance of the Year2013
Toby LewisOnline Player of the Year2013
Neil JohnsonIndustry Person of the Year2013
FTP Galway FestivalEvent of the Year2013
Ana MarquezLeading Lady of the Year Award2013
Ole SchemionLive European Player of the Year2013
Davidi KitaiBelgium Player of the Year2013
Joni JouhkimainenFinnish Player of the Year2013
Benjamin PollakFrench Player of the Year 2013
Stephen ChidwickUK Player of the Year2013
Dermot BlainIrish Player of the Year 2013
Dario SammartinoItalian Player of the Year2013
Govert MetaalDutch Player of the Year2013
Adrian Mateos DiazSpanish Player of the Year2013
Ole SchemionRookie of the Year2012
Davidi KitaiTournament Performance of the Year2012
Jens KyllonenOnline Player of the Year2012
Simon TrumperPoker Staff Person of the Year2012
Kara ScottPoker Personality of the Year2012
EPT BarcelonaEvent of the Year2012
Marvin RettenmaierGPI Player of the Year2012
Marvin RettenmaierGerman Player of the Year2012
Davidi KitaiBelgian Player of the Year2012
Juha HelppiFinnish Player of the Year2012
Dermot BlainIrish Player of the Year 2012
Andrea DatoItalian Player of the Year2012
Ivo DonevAustrian Player of the Year2012
Cesar GarciaSpanish Player of the Year2012
Bertrand “ElkY” GrospellierPoker Personality of the Year2011
Andrey PateychukRookie of the Year2011
Pius HeinzTournament Performance of the Year2011
Natalia NikitinaLeading Lady of the Year Award2011
Ilarie SahamiesOnline Player of the Year2011
WSOP-E CannesEvent of the Year2011
Warren LushPoker Staff Person of the Year2011
Sam TrickettPlayer of the Year2011
Jesse MayLifetime Achievement Award2011
Jake CodyRookie of the Year2010
James BordTournament Performance of the Year2010
Liv BoereeLeading Lady of the Year Award2010
Andreas TorbergsenOnline Player of the Year2010
Gerard Serra RetameroPoker Staff Person of the Year2010
Tony GuogaPoker Personality of the Year2010
Jake CodyPlayer of the Year2010
Nic SzeremetaLifetime Achievement Award2010
Vitaly LunkinPlayer of the Year2009
Sandra NaujoksLeading Lady of the Year Award2009
Antoine SaoutRookie of the Year2009
Jeff LisandroTournament Performance of the Year2009
Patrick AntoniusOnline Player of the Year2009
Tony GuogaPoker Staff Person of the Year2009
Edgar StuchlyPoker Innovation or Initiative of the Year2009
Bruno FitoussiLifetime Achievement Award2009
Bertrand “Elky”GrospellierPlayer of the Year2008
Peter EastgateTournament Performance of the Year2008
Ivan DemidovRookie of the Year2008
Sandra NaujoksLeading Lady of the Year Award2008
Jonathan RaabPoker Staff Person of the Year2008
Rob YongPoker Innovation or Initiative of the Year2008
Marcel LuskeLifetime Achievement Award2008
Alex KravchenkoPlayer of the Year2007
Annette ObrestadTournament Performance of the Year2007
Soren KongsgaardRookie of the Year2007
Katja ThaterLeading Lady of the Year Award2007
Madeleine HarperPoker Staff Person of the Year2007
Rob GardnerPoker Innovation or Initiative of the Year2007
Thomas KremserLifetime Achievement Award2007
Roland de WolfePlayer of the Year2006
Vicky CorenTournament Performance of the Year2006
Mats IremarkRookie of the Year2006
Roy HoughtonPoker Staff Person of the Year2006
John DuthieLifetime Achievement Award2006
Rob HollinkPlayer of the Year2005
Rob HollinkTournament Performance of the Year2005
Patrik AntoniusRookie of the Year2005
Sabine HazoumePoker Staff Person of the Year2005
Dave ColcloughLifetime Achievement Award2005
Marcel LuskePlayer of the Year2004
Martin de KniffTournament Performance of the Year2004
Jani SointullaRookie of the Year2004
Andres BurgetPoker Staff Person of the Year2004
Dave UlliottLifetime Achievement Award2004
Dave ColcloughPlayer of the Year2003
Gus HansenTournament Performance of the Year2003
Juha HelppiRookie of the Year2003
Teresa NousiainenPoker Staff Person of the Year2003
Lucy RokachLifetime Achievement Award2003
Gary BushPlayer of the Year2002
Barny BoatmanTournament Performance of the Year2002
Kirill GerasimovRookie of the Year2002
Adele BrujinPoker Staff Person of the Year2002
Liam FloodLifetime Achievement Award2002
Marcel LuskePlayer of the Year2001
Simon TrumperTournament Performance of the Year2001
Alex KravchenkoRookie of the Year2001
Thomas KremserPoker Staff Person of the Year2001
Pascal PerraultLifetime Achievement Award2001
Martin JacobsonTournament Performance of the Year2014
Jack SalterBreakout Player of the Year2014
REG CharityCharitable Initiative of the Year2014
Pierre NeuvilleLifetime Achievement Award2014
Victor Saumont, NosebleedMedia Content of the Year2014
Marc ConveyMedia Person of the Year2014
Leon TsoukernikIndustry Person of the Year2014
Unibet, launching own gaming platformPoker Innovation or Initiative of the Year2014
Battle of MaltaEvent of the Year (Buy-in up to € 2000)2014
EPT Vienna Main EventEvent of the Year (Buy-in over € 2000)2014
Ole SchemionGPI Player of the Year2014
Liv BoereeGPI Female Player of the Year2014
Dominic PankaPolish Player of the Year2014
Eugene KatchalovUkrainian Player of the Year2014
Dermot BlainIrish Player of the Year2014
Erwann PecheuxFrench Player of the Year2014
Anatoly FilatovRussian Player of the Year2014
Adrian Mateos DiazSpanish Player of the Year2014
Mustapha KanitItalian Player of the Year2014
Oliver PriceUK Player of the Year2014