GPI European Poker Awards Nomination Panel & Jury

The Global Poker Index European Poker Awards Nomination Panel will consist of 60 and 80 of the foremost experts of the poker industry and the live tournament circuit. Panel members will include members of the poker media, casino staff, tournament directors and organizers, sports media members and poker event sponsors. Panel members will be asked to provide a maximum of two names for each category they will be asked to vote on, namely:


From there, the Top 4 vote getters will move on as finalists where the our jury members will be in charge of selecting the winners. The goal is to hear from as many voices as possible and have all involved in a fair and democratic voting process, independent of player relationships, sponsorship, brand endorsement and member affiliations.



Thomas Lamatsch   Anatoly Filatov
Edgar Stuchly   Marc Convey
Matt Savage   Mad Harper
Anne Albrecht   Hermance Blum
Sarah Herring   William Shillibier
Remko Rinkema   Davidi Kitai
Donnie Peters   Libuse Foord
Neil Johnson   Lee Davy
Alexandre Dreyfus   Dirk Oetzmann
Eric Danis   Katie Lindsay
Mario La Ferrera   Ivonne Montealegre
Barry Carter   Matthieu Duran
Frank Op De Woerd   Nataly Sopacuaperu
Erik Rosenberg   David Vamplew
Robbie Strazynski   Andrew West
Pierre Neuville   Hili Shakked
Antonio Carrasco   Kate Badurek
Liv Boeree   Joseph Stapleton
Des Duffy   Jonathan Luetkenhorst
Bruno Santos   Roland Boothby
Giovanni Angioni   Stephen Bartley
Mark Valentine   Howard Swains
Warren Lush   Dave Woods
Jennifer Newell   Guy Campbell
Daniel Cypra   Stephane Matheu
Brad Willis   Faraz Jaka
Matthew Parvis   Natalia Bogush
James Hartigan   Nick Wright
Lance Bradley   Jakub Suszka
Gregory Chochon   Marcos Pereiro
Chad Holloway   Steve Ruddock